Welcome to the Global Internship Program in Engineering Design and Innovation
in the Electrical Sciences
FITT , IIT Delhi

Program Coordinator: Prof.Subrat Kar, Dept of Electrical Engg / Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management
+91 (11) 26591088

Administrative Contact: FITT - Mr.Uttam Aswal uttamaswal@hotmail.com +91(11)26597164

The GIPEDI is a Internship Program in the Electrical Sciences for students and professionally qualified engineers. It is a program of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, with logistic support from the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT).

The Program runs throughout the year in four batches of different durations (Jan-May/May-July/July-Dec/Dec-Jan).

It welcomes applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students from recognized academic Institutions.

For professionally qualified Engineers, it offers Returnships for those who to get back to an active career after a break and Gap Internships for those professionals who wish to switch careers / are between two careers. Women engineers and meritorious engineering students who need support or have special needs to fulfill professional aspirations are encouraged to apply under its affirmative action initiative.

The GIPEDI Internship is designed differently - it does not just train students to execute projects, it trains them in project planning, requirements analysis, specification generation, design iteration management, team work and ethics, behaviour management, team building, group etiquette and communication skills. Apart from a full set of technology modules, it also uses specially designed training modules in ethics, history through heritage sensitization / heritage walks and lessons from mythology to teach culturally-conscious and effective engineering practices.